The American Lieutenant



The American Lieutenant is a historical fiction WW2 romance set in England.

Lieutenant Garrett Harkins, a US paratrooper stationed in Wiltshire, England during World War Two, defies orders when he pursues a forbidden romance with Sophia, a young British heiress. While deployed and fighting in Europe, Garrett draws strength from believing that Sophia reciprocates his feelings and awaits his safe return.

Sophia Wells is fighting her own war. She becomes interested in the American lieutenant while struggling over the end of a childhood infatuation with James, a young British officer, who has finally come to realize he does indeed want her back in his arms.

Will the bond between the American lieutenant and his newfound love survive the tragedies of war and a former love or become a casualty of both?

Peyton Garver: Author and Reviewer of Young Adult Novels 

The  American Lieutenant is published by Authorhouse.